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About Fallout 4

Fallout 4 crack is the fourth edition of the popular action franchise. Developed by Bethesda, the game will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on day 10 November. The new game begins shortly before the nuclear disaster and you start in your home, in front of the mirror. The player leaves the shelter 200 years after the nuclear attack, and is the only survivor of the place. The game gives total freedom to wander through the city of Boston destroyed, besides being able to choose whether to play with the vision in first or third person. The baby dog is confirmed presence and can receive orders from the protagonist, besides being attacked by monsters. A new Pip-Boy will have the status of the player and various minigames. Fallout 4 Special Edition will come with a Pip-Boy with support for putting a cell phone in. If you don’t have the real version, can opt for a virtual, simply download an application for mobile devices.
With anticipation and anxiety a thousand, there was no way to go wrong. Every ad delivered was followed by screams and much excitement, since the frenzied violence of Doom until the Dishonored trailer 2. Obviously they have their merits, but they were preparing for the big star of the night.
Behold, the main attraction appears, and each video that passed was a synonym for what seems to have given great fruits. The game looks a Fallout 3 improved: the same post-apocalyptic environment, the same villages of scrap, the same intelligence to make even the character creation an incredible immersive experience. “Sculpt” your protagonist while looking in the mirror with his wife after giving London its appearance allows you to enter the world of the game even before you even begin to play. The possibility to play a bit of the season would be a pre-disaster featured more than welcome, but only have a small insight of this scenario, apparently. Fallout 4 Download below!

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The title also brings the tactical system Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (better known by the acronym V.A.T.S.) back. This allows the player to pause the game and analyze the best place to shoot – that is, we will continue on the indecision to aim for the head well protected, but with high hit probability, or arm that has a chainsaw in hand, with little chance of being ripped off.
No idea was discarded, and tell once again with a helper in this work. At a minimum, the dog will be your faithful squire in their struggle for survival. To give commands to your follower (in this case, the animal) seems more efficient, unlike the work that was doing the same in Fallout: New Vegas. Speaking of which, let me add my voice to the chorus of the nation: Please, Bethesda! Don’t kill our puppies! I shudder to think what may happen to him to find the infamous Monster Deathclaw. [UPDATE: Bethesda confirmed, via Twitter, that the Dogmeat (the dog) cannot be dead o/]
Although Fallout 4 prove that, in fact, the war never changes, the title has good improvements and (few) additions appear to enthuse even the most skeptical of the players. First, the system of construction of items (crafting) was improved to such an extent that it is possible to build weapons, armor and houses, something learned at the Hearthfire DLC, Skyrim, and far more interesting here. After seeing a power armour flying in the presentation, I’ve decided the name of my first character: Tony Stark. In addition, the construction of shelters will have a character of housing and security, with the creation of traps and weapons of Defense, the casts of a tower defense. Fallout 4 Download Crack below!


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Minimum Requirements ( Expected )
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– Direct X – 11

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LAST UPDATE: 30.06.2016

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